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Replacement and Retrieval Policy

In accordance to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry decision No. (27)

for the year 2015 by issuing the Regulation of Law No. (39) for the year

2014, in order to regulate the right of the consumer to replace or retrieve

goods as well as working in organizing the replacement of goods and

merchandise according to the following rules:

The consumer has the right to replace or refund the goods and retrieve its

value within 14 days from the date of purchase, unless the warranty

condition from the trader or the custom includes a longer period depending.

on the following situations:

1-The commodity should be in the same condition as when being purchased.

2. The consumer has not used it in anyway.

3-The commodity is not susceptible to rapid damage, as long as its damage or

expiration is not proven.

4-The nature of the commodity, as required by custom, shall not be permitted  to be returned or recovered.